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What Does it Mean to be Mindful?

To be mindful is to be aware of and in control of our thoughts, feelings and actions. When we are mindful, we are calling the shots. Mindfulness is a learned skill important to taking us were we intend to go in our life.

The world is a hectic place; if we allow the world to steer us, we will be caught up in its frenetic pace and pseudo charm. When we develop an inner presence, a mindfulness, this becomes our pilot, and we become self-directed. We affect our world instead of being affected by it.

The imperative is to be inner driven. Who we are, what we are about, and who we are becoming is an inside job. This inner pilot helps to keep us on our chosen path.

Life begins to move in the direction of our intent.

The brain learns first; the body follows. An idle brain attracts anything. We need to direct it, give our brain a chance to realize what it is we are trying to do. Our thoughts need direction. We need to be aware of them and in control. We need to switch our pace from instant satisfaction to the long-term.

Once we begin to accomplish this, it’s easier to do any of the other things necessary to being more awake, aware, and mindful. Our life starts to move in the direction of our intent. We are either our own best friend, or our own worst enemy. It’s all up to us.

When we act from intent, we take control. With control, we leave anxiety behind. We make better choices and decisions. We achieve what we desire, invision, plan and act on. The wonder of it is, the more we do it, the easier it becomes.

Life is full of distractions — we are easily diverted, but there are ways we can avoid them. One is using short phrases that keep us centered. Another is by paying attention to our breathing. By taking deep, long breaths and slowly exhaling. Do this at the same time you say your chosen phrase. Simple measure, once adopted does wonders to keep us focused, calm, and remind us that we have a plan, we have a direction and a destination — while we enjoy the journey.