Words That Grow Wings -

Thinking About Origins

Everything Was Once a Little Thing

The most obvious or striking victory or attainment — the complicated project — the must have incredible product — that Oscar winning movie — were all once just a thought in the mind of their creator. First a thought, then an idea, then a vision, then an intention with a plan, a whole lot of tenacity, and finally a big, wonderful complete thing — a happening.

Everything was once just a thought.

Everything in life was once just a thought. Thoughts are the genesis of all things. The dawn of a thing as a thought should give us pause to think about what this means.

We count life or aliveness in time. Time moves. It just keeps going, ready or not. We look ahead and certain things seem far in the future. When we look back, not so much. Time past seems to move faster than time ahead. A mirage — maybe, but forward or backward, time keeps moving. Time is a limited resource and is continually moving forward. Use it well or lose it. As we age, time becomes more scarce. Thought and time work together, or not — it all depends on us.

When we value our time, as in “Don’t just spend it — invest it” we tend to value our thinking. Because everything was once a thought, whatever we have, we thought into existence. Look around. Where you are, and what you have, you thought into existence. Is it what you want? If not, you need to grab hold of your thoughts, your time, and start controlling them. You need to point them in the direction of your dreams and desires and needs. This — is a thought worth thinking about.
Thought, focus and tenacity- the building blocks of all accomplishment.