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Some thoughts to Share

Perspective or Point of View —
the way we view the world, filtered through our beliefs

In following the news on Joe Biden and his touchy-feely problem, there is a list of comments from people on the subject. They all differ. Some understand his actions of warmth and touching to be a product of his outgoing, friendly nature, and the times he grew up in. Others feel it doesn’t matter, it is always wrong behavior. Other opinions fall somewhere in the middle.

Not one of these comments is wrong. They are all right. The comments are the opinion of each person based on their perspective. Perspective — your point of view, what you believe, and the filters you have in place which trigger your perception, attitude and opinion. Beliefs that are never challenged — produce thoughts, ideas, perceptions and opinions — that never change.

Beliefs that are never challenged — produce thoughts, ideas, perceptions and opinions — that never change.

We are all a product of our perspective. Everything we think, feel, and do filters through our perspective, which many of us hold since childhood. Some of us never look at, tweak, or adjust our beliefs over the years. We see things the same way, through the same old filters. Time moves — time changes many things —, but some people's beliefs and perspective stay the same. Then something comes along and forces them to look at their attitudes and actions.

Perspective or point of view — the angle we view the world from — beliefs at the root — must change for perception to change. The life we are living is not meant to be stagnant — based on old, dated beliefs. Life is a challenge, and ought to be lived as such. The nature of life is uncertainty, and therefore a continual challenge.

The things we look at change,
when we change the way we look at things —

When we live using tired, obsolete beliefs, we wither as we waste our days. As the world around us changes, we need to challenge our beliefs, and consider adjusting them. Our life becomes spirited again when we start to challenge ideas and beliefs. We are more open and flexible. We start thinking in new ways, new ideas flow, our perspective changes, and the way we see things change. All adding to the quality of our life. The one thing all of us can agree on, we all want a better, happier, healthier and more joyous life.