Words That Grow Wings -

Keep agoin'

Living needs a solid foundation, some call it a personal philosophy.
The one I chose is this:
I am alive — born into certain circumstances with the talents and traits to create my life.
Life gives me nothing more. I must create the life I desire to live.

Life inhabits polarity. There are valleys and mountains - straight road and sharp curves, and detours ahead. Before we can decide on the life path we wish to create, we must pay attention to understand how it works. The pros and cons - up time and down time, all of it. We need to pay attention. We need to see what works for us and what doesn't. I treat living as an education, and learn from my experiences. I adjust my perspective and beliefs as I learn.

Life can and does disappoint. I choose to keep going. I make the necessary adjustments and keep going. Sometimes more challenges show up than I care to deal with. I Keep going. What I learn is — the thing to count on is change. When I am in a valley, I keep going. Soon, the mountain is in view, and I keep going . The path I chose has led me to the mountain. I keep going.
It is the way of life, and I chose it for my personal philosophy at a point where I understood the vagaries that are an intricate part of living. When I accepted the way that life works to educate, I began to recreate my life. I learned and understood that whatever I achieve, whatever I acquire, I will need to create. Remembering — living is not a straight road — there are challenges that require detours. Sometimes these detours take us in other directions, and we need to find our way back. When we encounter such challenges, we need to remember who we are, what our intention is, make adjustments and follow our plan. We need to keep going in spite of . . .

I will be disappointed again and again. Lack of opportunity will disappoint me; timing will disappoint me; people will disappoint me, but that’s OK.

There is only one road, straight through. Keep agoin’ . . . That’s right, keep agoin’! This is the path to stay on.
The path to every challenge we encounter is keep agoin’. Don’t give up; don’t give in, just make adjustments and keep going’. To begin to build your foundation, let it be with this thought. I intend to — — — —. (You complete the sentence)

Be definitive in your statement; write it out. What you want, where you are, where you intend to be; and most of all — how you plan to create your intentions. It’s never a straight road — many curves and detours, but you keep on traveling straight through. You need to renew your intention and expectatons time and again; make adjustments.

You revisit and renew your plan to make sure you aren’t drifting. You stay focused. You do it when disappointment shows up; when events and people disappoint; you do it when you’re wary; you do it when you’re distracted; you do it when all is well. You just do it regularly. It is your life. You stay focused and keep your intention and expectation alive and vibrant.

Life is the journey . . . destination is the prize, but the journey is your life. Make it all that it can be. Become all that you’re capable of. When you do, you’ll never have to wonder what happiness is —