Words That Grow Wings -

On Creating Yourself

We all create ourselves, but only the successful admit it”

Change the way you see yourself, and enjoy a new you.

Regrets and negativity never created anything worthwhile.

It’s one thing to know you can be your own worst enemy, it’s quite another to do something about it.

Rather than laboring over all the things you do wrong, decide what it is you want and go about recreating yourself to become what you want.

Don't pine over your weaknesses and faults, spend that energy and time to develop the skills to overcome these negatives.

Understand your perspective. What is your stance? Your point of view, your attitude, your frame of reference that determines your perceptions? You are living your life through these filters. Change your perspective — change your life.

Start working on changes that get you where you need to be. Make the choices and decisions that put you on track to become what you intend for yourself. You need to see yourself doing the things the person you want to be does.

No lamenting, no time to waste figuring out why you do or don’t do things. Concentrate on becoming — creating the person you need to be to feel good about yourself.

It’s a technique which works in ways that pondering why you do or don't do things — does not. When who you are, or what you are doing isn’t getting you where you want and need to be, change what you’re doing. Don’t waste a minute trying to figure out why it isn’t working — change what isn’t working. Create a new you.

The methods to do it are here. They work if you are willing to make a choice about who you want to be, and focus on it and work it. Knowing what you want comes first. Perspective is all-important. How you see who you are — where you are— who you are working to become — and what you plan to achieve is essential to getting there.

With this mindset you move forward, on track, and ready to work at and embrace a new, vibrant, no regrets, forward thinking you.