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The Time of Your Life —
A non-renewable resource

Time is the one non-renewable resource you have. Once your time is up, it’s up — so make sure it is working for you — not against you.

Define your beliefs and values to get to know yourself —

You start with a dream of the life you wish to live. You have a limited amount of time to do the things to make that dream a reality. You share this time with living, just being.You work and do feel good things you value, and wish to do. You have to schedule as much of this limited time as possible to working on your dream — doing what will give you the life you desire.

Spend time on things that bring you closer to your intention by learning to control yourself and your time — your primary resources. Money is the other means that allows you to do this. Controlling yourself and your time allows you to focus on the ways to make the money you need to live the life you desire.

Master yourself, control your time, oversee the flow of money to you — in this order. Time then — works for you.