Words That Grow Wings -

The Eternal Now —

The premise of the eternal now is this. There is no past. There is no future. There is only the present.

We live our entire life in the present. Every moment we live is the present. When we make a choice, a decision, we do it in the present moment.

When we consider the idea of the Eternal Present, the way we perceive life changes, our perspective changes. Everything we do is dependent on the choices we make now. The future does not exist. It is only a possibility. As we live each present moment, each one becomes what, for convenience, we refer to as our future.

What are you doing with your present moments?

When we live in the eternal now, the future is already happening. What we think, feel and act on today, becomes the foundation of all of our present moments that we refer to as the future. The present is the catalyst for each continuing moment. Each moment, as we experience it, is the present. It is a matter of perspective. To understand the Eternal Now requires a new perspective, a different way of seeing life and time.

The rewards of gaining this new perspective start with understanding the true value of this moment. Every moment links with this moment to take each of us in a direction. We determine our whole life by how we use the present moment.

When we use this moment — this present moment — to decide who we are, who we want to become, where we want to be, and the path we need to take, we live in the eternal now. Our journey begins. Here and now, in this moment, we define our path forward.

How are you using your present moment?