Words That Grow Wings —

The paralysis of the familiar

Otherwise known as our comfort zone. All of the qualities that make life extraordinary live outside our comfort zone, outside ‘the paralysis of the familiar.’

When we are 80 something years old and look back on our life, we want to remember the challenges we overcame, the joy we were responsible for, and the happiness we felt.

We will remember love given and received. We want to see our problems solved, or outlived. We remember opportunities we took, as well as the risks involved, and how we prevailed in the end. We remember the risks we took that didn’t pan out, but we endured, we kept going.

We want to remember that no matter how many times we fell, we got up again, and kept going. We want to look at all that, and say – not in a shy way, I did it my way! (Thank you FS for that last line)