Words That Grow Wings -

Expect The Best

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

We attract what we expect

Expectations are a result of our thoughts. The thoughts that we engage in and encourage become the basis of our life and belief. We focus on what we think about and believe. We attract what we focus on. What we expect in life is the outcome of our thoughts, beliefs and focus. It can be a harsh cycle.

If we want something different, we need to become aware of our habitual thoughts and beliefs. We need to initiate, to begin a new habit of catching our thought pattern and replacing it with expecting a good thing to happen. We need to practice expecting the best. To have a good life we need to expect it to be good. We need to expect the best. When we want a thing to happen, when we really want something, we expect it to happen. Expect to get it. Life gives us what we expect. If we expect to fail, we will fail. If we accept mediocrity, we experience mediocrity. One follows the other; experience follows expectation. To begin to change direction today, start with this.

You have to expect things of yourself
before you can do them —

Focus on Yes

Say yes more, smile more, and do some random acts of kindness. Focus on the abundance of air to breathe, all the different kinds of food to eat, places to go, things to enjoy, and the choices we get to make every day. Focus on the abundance and prosperity that is all around and that we are a part of.

We cannot focus on two things at the same time. One must and will — give way to the dominant thought. When we focus on abundance and prosperity, we can no longer focus on fear, doubt and worry. They will begin to disappear. When we keep our thoughts and attention on abundance and prosperity, we see the magic happen. It’s magic because it begins a new way of thinking and living that is infinitely more desirable and rewarding than the old way.

Once we establish the habit of expecting the best, our life will change — it gets better. What really changes is our thought pattern, which is the reason our life is changing. It is the most important change we can make. Our thoughts affect our beliefs and our attitude.

What does it feel like when our life changes for the better? It feels like we are living in joy. It feels like we are blessed. We feel gratitude that we cannot contain, and wish to share. The flavor and color of our life is elevated.