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The Ironic Life

Foresight vs Hindsight

Irony focuses on contradiction. We call a thing ironic when the original intention goes awry and becomes a contradiction. That’s not how intentions and plans are meant to work, so we call it ironic when things turn about. Hindsight!

Suppose we used irony for foresight. How would we go about that?

We might start by looking at the use of irony as a filter to avoid contradiction when we work to put our intentions into action. Instead of waiting for the outcome, we look at the process as it is happening to see if we are on target or not.

Irony as foresght is a key to having our intentions become the reality we seek.

We need to look at contradictions, if any, before they become written in stone. All the various events we touch and that touch us every day have the potential to go south, to turn out contrary to what we plan and expect. We start by asking the right questions to make sure things are on course, and we take nothing on authority. Take nothing for granted. We pursue a thing until it yields its colors. If it is what it appears to be, we are on the road to having our plans work out as we intend and expect. If not, we revise and adapt.

Appearances are illusory. Layer by layer, mask by mask, we need to remove the illusions. What is left is the reality of the situation. More than that, we have learned, evolved, and now know more than when we started. Life becomes more authentic, we have more control, and we use Irony as foresight.

An ironic outcome is a matter of finding what is real or authentic by questioning appearances. Reporters ask questions; it’s what they do; it’s how they find out the story. They go through a layer at a time of appearance to get at the truth or reality of the story. Life is a series of stories.

Appearances are often just illusions. When we remove the mask the truth is evident.

We live an authentic life when we embrace what’s real, and not what appears to be. Make use of irony to keep your life authentic and focused, and reap the rewards of your plans by catching the glitches before they become problems and contradictions.