Words That Grow Wings -

What Zone Are You In?

Two words, comfort and zone together establish an area of quiet discontent.

The Comfort Zone is a concept. It is an ironic term because there is no comfort there. When we read or hear about the comfort zone, it is about how we need to get out of it. Two words, comfort and zone together establish an area of quiet discontent. We are told we need to get out of our comfort zone to accomplish anything worthwhile. Not true, bad programming.

The word comfort represents a place most of us seek out, and believe is just out of reach. Comfort really means enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, well-being and cheerfulness. Do these words describe how you think and feel about your life? If you are living in your ‘Comfort Zone’ then you should be experiencing these things. If you are experiencing all these good things — which many wish for — why would you want to leave?

I think a more apropos word is nowhere. The ‘Nowhere Zone’ — a place we inhabit that’s stagnant, monotonous, tedious, but safe, and leads nowhere. When we think or feel this way, we are in the ‘Nowhere Zone.’ What we need to do is create a ‘Comfort Zone’ that contains the good feelings. We are either comfortable or nowhere, maybe somewhere in between, but headed in the direction of comfort.

Leaving the 'nowhere zone.'

To make the move from nowhere zone to comfort zone we need to be open and honest with our self about where we are. Where are we headed? What are our intentions, ideas, plans and goals for moving forward? Are we committing to follow through with necessary actions to make it happen? Is where we are now helping us move forward in the right direction? Do we have intentions, goals and plans?

If your answer is yes, you probably don’t need to read any further, you’re on the right road. What I have to say will reinforce what you are already doing, but that’s a good thing. No matter how well things are going, a little verification and confirmation always helps. If not, it is time to think about leaving the ’nowhere zone.’