Words That Grow Wings -

When You Change . . .

The road to an interesting, exhilarating and memorable life is through continually taking on new challenges. Achievement needs to be active. To find what we are ultimately capable of is a life’s work, and the only road to self-fulfillment. When we are actively involved in a thing, we are at our best and brightest. The problem we face is — nothing stays the same, life flows.

When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change. —

Compare the motions of life to a curve — on the road; valleys and hills, left and right turns, detours. This road metaphor, where the valley and hill curves represent our ups and downs, and the left and right turns are the decisions we make. The up curves are where the good times live — where we are engaged and life is good. The valley curve follows and brings with it ennui, staleness, and lack. The detours represent our plans unable to move forward, and may need to head in a diffferent direction. Life flows and we need to flow with it.

Consider our basic nature — built to move, built for challenge, built to thrive thru activity and action — to triumph over challenges. We are made for challenges, and without them, we waste away a bit at a time. We thrive when we lead an interesting, active, exhilarating and memorable life by choice.

To thrive in life we need to tweak our beliefs, our perspective, how we see life. New vistas open when we see things in new ways. When we control our fears and welcome a new challenge we open ourselves to new experiences. These experiences provide feedback which urges us to move forward on the up curve, and sit tight and wait out the down curve. The curves, hills and vallleys are an intrinsic part of living. When we prepare for and face challenges, we thrive. It is what life is all about - what we are built for. —