Words That Grow Wings -

The Road Trip —

Let’S follow a typical road trip

We know where we are going, we know the roads to take to get there, or we check out a map and follow the route. We’re prepared — we start out— drive for a while and come upon a ‘detour’ sign. We take the detour — no choice — but we get lost. What do we do now?

We can check our map, or we can stop and ask for directions. The detour slowed us down, but did not stop us from moving forward. Sometimes, we have to move sideways instead of moving forward, but we are still moving. We keep looking, we find another road, and once again, we are moving forward, toward our destination.

Life is a highway — its milestones are the years
and every now and then, there is a tollbooth
where you pay your way with tears —

Joyce Kilmer- Roofs

We need to apply this same scenario in our day-to-day living. Life is somewhat like a road trip, straight ahead, then twist and turns, some detours, tollbooths, sometimes feeling lost, but always in motion.

When we get lost on a road trip, we seek a work around, another direction, another road to get us where we want to go. Same thing in life. We should not lose time lamenting about the ‘detour,’ or feeling lost. We need to spend our time, focus, and energy on finding a new way. The sooner we do, the sooner we will move on to where we want to be.

We count life in minutes, hours and days. We should never waste them by allowing feelings of disappointment, or any other negatives to consume us. Minutes, hours and days are the currency of living — be frugal with them. Use them wisely, and don’t linger on negatives — keep moving forward. Another road is always there to take you where you want to go — look for it, find it and take it. This is the way to get where you want to go. Keep moving — keep looking — keep going —